Never forget where you came from…

Founded in Utah in the valleys of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah Roots is a company passionate about the roots of where you originate.  Utah Roots delivers a variety of products, that allows you to express your pride, while adventuring in your “Roots.”  Though we are all proud to be from the great state of Utah, our hometowns is where we all call home.

            We all have a story.  Our epic journey began while adventuring with friends and discussing how passionate we are about our roots and the stories we all share about our cities.  We wanted to represent and create brand awareness for their cities and state we all grew up in, showcasing how each city in the state is unique from the next city.

            After sketching up a few mock-up drawings, and producing a few items for each of us to wear. Others were noticing the swag and wanting to represent their roots.  Utah Roots now delivers hats, shirts, hoodies, and outdoor gear, to ensure you have all you need as you adventure through the roots of Utah!

       Be proud of who you are and "wear" you're from!  Keep your Roots close to your heart, they are something to be proud of!   #utahroots